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The Domestic Section has categories for Cookery, Handicrafts, Photography and the Juniors Section which encompasses a little bit of all of the categories.

New for 2023, is an infused alcoholic drink category and fruit cordial category. There is also a new perpetual shield sponsored by Camborne Town Council for the most points awarded across the junior section affiliated to a local school or nursery.
Each year there will be a theme and the theme weaving through the classes for 2023 is the King's Coronation.

Entry is simple, obtain a schedule of the classes available from the Show’s web page or email the secretary Emmawalker451@outlook.com

Decide which classes you wish to enter and let the Domestic Secretary know, either by email or filling out an entry form carefully following the printed instructions and sending it off.

Deadline for all entries is: 10th July 2023
We welcome all abilities of competitors to come along and have a go. Judges leave little notes advising you of how the work can be improved and your exhibit will be displayed on show day for the whole community to enjoy, perhaps even encouraging others to have a go next year as well. We look forward to seeing all of your talents on Show day.

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