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The Domestic Section was revived in 2005, since then it has gone from strength to strength. We have categories for Cookery, Handicrafts, Photography and Juniors Section.
Entry is simple, obtain a schedule of the classes, available here or by post from the secretary domestic@camborne-show.org.uk

Decide which classes you wish to enter and let the Domestic Secretary know, either by email or filling out an entry form (available here) following carefully the printed instructions and sending it off
If you are a first time entrant please read the schedule carefully, noting the dates and times of getting your entries to us. We handle some 800 entries each year so do not have any ‘spare time’ to deal with late entries or entrants!

Don’t feel that your work is not good enough to enter. Bring your work along to be judged, and if it’s not up to winning a first this year, then learn from the judging why.

Judges leave little notes advising you of how the work can be improved, our friendly stewards will also be able to answer questions as to how you can improve. Come back next year and may find that you are up among the prize winners. Showing is an excellent way of raising your standard of workmanship.
Cookery - taste is important. Judges taste everything. Remember if the schedule says 4 sponge buns the judge won’t be marking your entry if you only have 3 buns.
Handicraft - make sure the back of your work is neat. The judges look thoroughly at every item. No worn items, judges don’t like that.

Photography - look at the class title. If it says ‘Puss in Action’ then don’t enter a photo of your cat curled up fast asleep on the bird table! However amusing it might be

Juniors - remember your entry has to be all your own work. No getting parents, grandparents or anyone else to help.

We look forward to receiving your entries, just as the public enjoy coming to the show and seeing all your work on display.

Download Schedules and Entry Forms