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Show History

Article 1 A Short History of the Camborne Show
Article 2 Presidents and Chairmen since 1941 Article 3 (Photo) Winner of the Tradesmen
Article 4 (Photo) Trevassack Bluebell

Article 1

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A Short History of the Camborne Show

The Camborne Show was set up by the Holman family in 1941 with the help and support of local farmers. It was the Holman family’s’ way of raising much needed funds for the Red Cross. The Red Cross was doing sterling work in the care of service personnel and their families during the Second World War, Remember the National Health Service did not start until 1948.

The first Camborne Show took place in 1942 on the August Bank Holiday which in those days was at the beginning of August. Members of staff of Holman’s were encouraged to get involved and help and assist the show. Their carpenters made all of the stands and Holman’s staff and wagons could be seen taking the items down to the show site and erecting them during the week prior to the show.

Staff members giving up their August Bank Holiday to help and assist at the show were given an extra day’s holiday at Christmas.

The Show grew and grew seeing visitor numbers in the 15,000 plus as, at that time, summer holidays were non existent due to the war.

During this time the Show also saw strong support from Lloyds Bank Camborne. When the Manager and staff would attend the Show and count the monies taken on the day. They set up their counting house in the rugby club changing rooms and it has been noted that the President kept his special “bottle” in the showers to keep cool. The cattle section still present one of their most prestigious trophies, The Harry Cock silver Cup. Harry was the first cattle section secretary and the manager of Lloyds Bank Camborne. Harry’s great grandson Jonathon can be found today in Lloyds Bank Camborne/Redruth.

In later years the Show saw many celebrity visitors with Soap Stars such as Ken Barlow from Coronation Street and Benny from Crossroads attending and signing autographs.

With the demise of the Holman Company the Camborne Show became a registered charity in 1986 and in 1989 the first Executive Committee was formed. Mr. Phillip Osmond became the first Chairman. Up and until this time the Chairman and President (a joint office) had been held by members of the Holman family.

The Show has had its turbulent times, losing the cattle section for some 14 years between 1970 and 1984 and there was one year, 2001, when the show did not take place at all due to Foot and Mouth Disease. The Show has moved from its original site the Camborne Recreational Ground and Camborne Rugby Club 2 or 3 times to its present location Gwealavellan Farm by kind permission of Mary and Ernest Bowden where we hope it will remain for many years to come.

Memorable Dates in The Evolution of Camborne Show
1942 First Camborne Show. Mainly Horses.
1943 to 1946Introduction of: - Cattle, Horticulture, Pigeons, and Poultry Sections.
1947Dog Section.
1950Goat Section
1950 to 2006Fur / Rabbit Section.
1976Mr. & Mrs. Pidwell introduce Camborne Show Cage Birds.
1986The Formation of the Camborne Show Society, A registered charity.
1989 The election of the first Chairman of the Executive Mr. Phillip Osmond.
2005 Reintroduction of the Domestic Section by Malcolm & Linda Dickie.
2007 Move to a new site. Gwealavellan Farm, by kind permission of Mary & Ernest Bowden.
2008Introduction of: - Heavy Horses, Pony Club Games, Young Farmers Club & Sheep Exhibition.
2010 Lady Mary Holborow JP Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall becomes Patron.
2010 Introduction of: - Alpaca / Llama Fleece Show.
2014Return of the Rabbit Section
2020Show Cancelled due to Pandemic Covid-19 Human Virus

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Article 2

Combined President & Chairman.

1941 to 1951Mr. P.M. Holman
1952 to 1968Mr. Nigel T. Holman
1969Mr. G.M. Simms
1970 to 1988Mr. J.M. Williams

 PresidentsChairmen of Executive
1989Mr. J.M. WilliamsMr. Phillip Osmond
1990Mr. J.M. WilliamsMr. Phillip Osmond
1991Mr. R. LaceyMr. Phillip Osmond
1992Miss Enid Prior Mr. Phillip Osmond
1993Mr. Ernest BowdenMr. Phillip Osmond
1994Mr. David RobertsMr. Michael Bowden
1995Mr. Colin TreziseMr. Michael Bowden
1996Mr. William OldsMr. Michael Bowden
1997Mr. D. RogersMr. Colin. J. Webb
1998Mrs. Wendy HattamMr. Colin. J. Webb
1999Mr. William OldsMr. Colin. J. Webb
2000Mr. Douglas PidwellMr. Colin. J. Webb
2001No Show Foot & MouthMr. Colin. J. Webb
2002Mr. Hugh LelloMr. Colin. J. Webb
2003Mrs. Avril WoolcockMr. Colin. J. Webb
2004Mr. Edward StarkeyMr. Colin. J. Webb
2005Mr. Reg Bennett Mr. Colin. J. Webb
2006Mrs. J. Williams (RIP)
/Mrs. R. Micklam
Mr. Colin. J. Webb
2007Mr. Colin TreziseMr. Reg Bennett
2008Mrs. Jenifer TreziseMr. Reg Bennett
2009Mrs. Wendy HattamMr. Reg Bennett
2010Mrs. Mary BowdenMr. Reg Bennett
2011Mr. Colin. J. WebbMr. Reg Bennett
2012Mr. Gavin PascoeMr. Colin S.J. Webb
2013Mr. James Piran WilliamsMr. Colin S.J. Webb
2014Mr. Michael Bowden.Mr. Colin S.J. Webb
2015Mr. Philip Rodda Mr. Colin S.J. Webb
2016Mr Peter Bickford SmithMr. Colin S.J. Webb
2017Mrs Jean MooreMr. Colin S.J. Webb
2018Mrs Jill LelloMr. Reg Bennett
2019Mr Paul WillsMr. Reg Bennett
2020Mr John WoodwardMr. Reg Bennett
2021Mr john WoodwardMr. Reg Bennett

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Article 3
Winner of the Tradesmen Turnout at the first Camborne Show 1942

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Article 4

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